Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dreadful Day at the Beach

JT & I went to Buckroe beach last weekend, without our children, they preferd to stay home and play video games, I despise video games. But we were delighted to go alone. However I missed them, knowing we would have had so much fun...delussions of gradure. 16, 11, & 9, mother and father frolicking on the beach. Instead we settled for alone , quite time on the beach just JT & I. After I got over the really "quiet" time we had, I read and just tried to enjoyed the opportunity God gave us. I tried to put the pressures of "we must talk" out of my mind. I prayed and just enjoyed our time. We did state how we wanted to bring the boys back here next week if possible. Low and behold, Sunday comes up, Palmer is not working and we go to church and deiced to make another jaunt to Buckroe, why Buckroe? It's about 45 mins difference, no tunnel traffic and it's fun and easy. At least it has been the last three times I've been.
Well take three boys, a footbll, shovel b/c Davis wants to dig holes, and a cooler of water. I remind them, there were jellyfish there last w/e...but I know it will be fun just the same. No meat tenderizer at will all work out.
NOT. The children were freaked out by the jellyfish, Parker states "you bring us to a beach we can't swim at" Palmer says...5 miniutes into it..."I have sand all over my legs" Davis states "It's hot". I pray and want to kill someone, instead I tell them to go sit in the car..."with the windows rolled up" and when it's time to go, I pray they are alive.
As the day progressed they found their way. I held steady, I prayed silently..Please God let me not kill them for their ungrateful hearts and the rest took care of itself. Football, digging holes, picking up jellyfish and lunch and it turned out "fair". Next time I need to drive further, try harder and know they are children of God. Just wanting a little more from us in the way of giving our time.I think of the children of the city who are sitting on their porch, wishing for a day like this in which someone will take them anywhere.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Interview with Walter

Walter won a sofa from the daily FreeMArket raffle, we have to go get it from my home. Go home Walter, drop off your neighbor and come back, I'll ride with you to get your sofa. OK. He comes back with his minivan, probably 80's version, the chairs don't come out. Do you have enough gas to get to Glen Allen? Uhhh..I can get some. Oh no Walter, let's just drive my car, you leave your van here at the church. I'll bring you back after we drop off your sofa.
Walter, can you tell me about you? My name is Walter, I'm 48, I graduated in 1980 from John Marshall, I live in Northside in a rented home with my children's mother and four children....I have two older girls too, with my first woman.
I'm grateful you are bringing me home, and thank you for helping me get the sofa home, it sure is a blessing.How is it a blessing Walter? Well I couldn't afford a new sofa, and the bag of food really does help. What do you do with that bag of food? We eat whatever is given to us.Have you ever gotten food from other pantries? Yes. Are they the same? Yes. NM gives perishables though, that's really nice to get meat. Where do you you work? I work for a temp agency, Randstad, they gave me a job working at a Warehouse for 7-Eleven. I make $9.00, 6 hours a night,6 days on 4 off. I haven't slept yet. I used to work for ffv, the cookie factory. You remember it? I worked there for 19 years, I loved it there, it felt like family. They closed their doors and moved to West Virginia.I hope I see my retirement pension when I'm supposed too. Me too. How long have you been with your children's mother? 20 years. Why don't you marry her? I should, I really should.
Where are your two oldest children? The oldest lives in an apartment in Southside, the 19 year old still lives with her mother. They are both girls. How long have you lived on Patrick Ave? Not long. I used to live with my mother on Montrose, but she passed and my sisters wanted to sell her house. So we did. We split the money, now I drive by there and wish I had bought my sisters out. One of my sisters has already passed away too. Do you miss your mother? Oh yes, she was my best friend, she died of lung cancer. We didn't know until it was too late. We had taken her to the doctor but the doctor thought it was an infection, it was cancer we later found out...too late. What did you do with your share of the money? I tried to save it, but then i just started using it for bills and then it was gone. The people who moved in keep it nice, I drive by a lot.
Where would you like to work? In a nursing home or hospital, cleaning. I'm good at that, but I can't seem to get anyone to hire me. Are you a felon? Oh no....I try to stay out of trouble. Are their drugs in your neighborhood? Oh yes. How do you keep your kids away from them? I try to keep them close by. My oldest son is ADHD, he's tryin' real hard to get good grades. You know he made scholar role? I was so proud of him. School doesn't come easy to him. I'm a little bit afraid for him this school year, he goes to high school. There are so many drugs in school. I told him to just stay away and to yourself and get your good grades.He's a good boy.
I take him to my home to get his sofa he's won, give him a bottle of water and he meets Paul and JT who are getting another sofa for winner #3, we have a surplus of unwanted sofas, 'cause we get new when our colors change. We have four in our garage, but I realize we are not being good stewards so we did a raffle to day, folks were thrilled, you would have thought we did a lottery.
Walter asks about Mountain there a Crump Manor on this road? Yes, I wanted to apply there but I thought it was too far away. Oh No Walter, it's not any further than the airport where you are already going, just the opposite direction. I'd just hate to break down. I wonder if anyone would help me.I see your point. But I encourage you to try, I'll write down directions for you, let's go over them and show you it's not far. Would you like a recommendation from me? Sure. Would you like my information if they ask for a reference? You don't have to take it, just offering. Oh No, anything may help me. I'm off Monday, I'm going to go see then.
Walter was a kind man. We were put in the car together because of a free sofa. Our time was well spent, he felt like a friend. When we drop off the sofa, his children are hesitant to come out and greet me and his dad. His wife comes out, Karen, I've met her before, at the market. She's beautiful, I recognize her. Hey Karen...good to see you, we embrace.. I'm so happy for you. A normal family just trying to make it.
I think I have a lot to learn from Walter and his family, or little to learn, he's a lot like me. Only his color is black.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy Bee in the Night

I can't mind is racing and I feel like I can't I got up to write. What am I thinking about...Freemarket, being over weight, discipline for the children, balancing my time, the job I've been offered...should I really take it? Paul and his job possibility...will he get hurt? I hope not..what God is doing in my life...trying to do....all the right things that a word?
This is my mind...Then I think.."you're going to be so tired...and you have a big day." You must joints ache..I sound CRAZY...I haven't been by to see the twins, they need a meal, I want to take my boys to the beach...I want to just sit with them and do nothing...but love them. God is helping me to see what is important, there will always be needs..always be needs, stay the course, do not lose sight of your children and your marriage....OK Whew!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday FreeMarket

Happy Birthday to Us! We are nearing our first birthday...I remember a pastor saying to me..."I bet you'll run out of clothes"...I told him, "Goodwill hasn't."
God doesn't like limits. As a matter of fact, He's shown otherwise.
The year has gone by quickly. There hasn't been one week end when we weren't prepared. 38 week ends, we gave freely without restrictions, without asking for anything in return. We stayed the course for an entire year, not a day, not a single w/e. But an entire year.
Join us, August 8th, for our first birthday party. Without all of Gods Body, there would be no market. I'm so excited. Look for what God has done in a come soon.

Give Me a Chance

Paul is my friend. He lives at a group home on Chamberlayne Ave. We've been friends for a long time, but I have a "relationship" with Paul now. I know where his mom lives, I know about his family, I know he loves animals, I know he likes gum. I have Paul over often to watch movies, today he's watching "Turner & Hooch". He's not much trouble, at least he tells me he won't be. He never is...he loves his coffee.
Today we turned a new corner, I took him for a job interview. Very informal, but it was a beautiful moment. "I hope I get the job..." he states. He's my age, 45 (I'm 46) he has a few issues but don't we all. I pray God grants him this job...I can't wait to see what he does if in fact he gets it. He's pacing right now, he says "I'm just nervous...thinking about that job."
Pray for Paul...and folks like him. I wonder what God has in store for Paul..and for me.