Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Living in a Black Hole!

This is the before and after of my "freemarket" friend, who is more than that...she is slowly getting her life in order with a little help from friends. If and when you ever get down, scroll to these photos of my pal Denise...who without any family...has dwindled her life to living in a 17 x 14 room, with three children and a "boyfreind/husband".
We got nothin' to complain about. Put your life inperspective, spend a little time outside your comfort zone, spread a little of Gods love and your life becomes enriched.
I don't know how it happens and that's not what I care about, it's how can I help her feel empowered to get out of the ditch she's in...if she wants out. that is a key point.
Some facts: Denise is 28, has four children(one gave away at 6mo ish), three living with her now. A significant other who has no license, no SSN#. A drunk uncle(70's) who lives in a room in the house, a roommate upstairs who pays nothing but runs up bills.
She recieves Foodstamps 300 some odd dollars, 300 bucks for Tanif. Total she gets 600 bucks. Her children are 10, 5, & 18 mo. She owes 600 to federal housing, she walked away from there b/c neighboors were harrasing her and stealing her food, (her stories), so in order to get back into Fed housing..i.e. Mosby Ct, Gilpin court, Known by police as "The armpit of Richmond" she must pay her debts and sit out one year for bad behavior. She owes $562, electric bill, 1900.00 back taxes(her uncles house),
her water is turned off(couldn't pay her bills), but her friend has illegally turned it back on and taken off the meter, if found out this could land them in jail...I surmize...something like that. This is what I know...that after spending hours with her I have found out. So when you are down and out...pray for Denise...she continues on, day after day after day, no support, her parents are deceased, her brother has washed his hands of her...wouldn't You? She is one of millions just like her...what do we as "Christains" do? I don't have the answers, I just take it one day at a time, one situation at a time. I sit with her...I want to run as fast as I ran in.
Does it help...our $450 buck renovations? Only God will show us...in His time, what I have learned is, my spending time with her matters...I don't know how much, but I know it does. What will happen next? What will God say in my ears in the quiet of the night? I love those children...