Friday, June 25, 2010

Annapolis Women Give

Dear Annapolis Chicklets:

Thanks to so many for your fabulous donations for Haiti and the Ministry in general. So many have given to the "FreeMarket" and I want you to know how impactful that has been. Not to mention $1470 was raised at Liz's incredible night of "Womanade". Thanks Liz, but mostly for the fabulous women who shared their own stories, never underestimate the power of women ...together we can change the world, Mother Theresa did.(Of course WE are Gods hands and feet..He is waiting for us)

The photos of the two girls are of "Melody & Janiece" homeless girls we are housing until their parents can get on their feet, many of you have made a tremendous impact by your giving, they came with nothing, now they are purging to give to the freemarket of items they can finally let go of.

With the ongoing planning to Haiti, God always gives us more, today I spent time with a refugee couple from Ethiopia, he, Jirom, arrived 7 months ago, after a long lottery wait, she, Tirhas, has been here much longer, long enough to go to a local HS to get her HS diploma. What now...I pray for a mentor for them, to get them up and running, but our world, is not easy to maneuver. With jobs online, they have no computer, with transportation issues, they have no car and no license...for folks who want a better life, we(US) make it pretty dogawn hard to jump through so many hoops. Gratefully, the US accepts them, these are just the kind of friends I want to be with..fighters! Folks who just need a "Hand-Up"!!!!!!!!!!
Pray for folks to step in...and their courage not to waiver.

But I must tell you...without each other, this is more than one person can I am humbled by your giving, I am grateful for your time...I am thankful for my new sweet friends.

For those of you who are moved to missions...Townsend, Rhonda, Liz & I are headed to Zimbabwe in visit Townsend's old stomping orphanage that changed her life!..hope you'll be ready to go by only have this one life...there is no "do over"...let's go.

Rhonda & I leave for Haiti in one month July 20-28..want to go? One ticket, $500 bucks, and a heart for loving is all you need...maybe one or two shots...come along.

Homeless Drop In Again

Dear Friends,
So whats happening Now?...
Well, it's been a busy three weeks, we've increased our family by two little girls who's home is here for now, their parents are in a ditch with dreams of a home in the future. Many of you have met the girls, they have since finished elementary school,(for the summer) so many have given them beautiful clothes, swimsuits for the summer, we have put one on the swim team.... thanks to GACC for including them so beautifully.Having two more children, girls at that, has brought us many blessings. We have no idea how God is using us, we just are plugging along one day at a time, praying Gods will to be done.
We took them on their first vacation to Jekyll island, it was an amazing adventure. Girls with father in photo.
The market is flourishing in many ways, as we prepare for Haiti(July 21-28) threw a "Wet & Wild" outreach event that taught us so much,(younger girl in dunk tank) expect little and be thankful for Gods gifts. Thank you to so many personal donations to make such an event happen, we ended financially in the red, but spiritually God filled our cups. HE reminds me's not about my goal, it's about "how are YOU loving others?" So we keep that in mind as we move forward...I hate fundraisers just in case you wanted to know.
Third new quest God has dropped in my lap is helping a refugee family from Africa(Ethiopia) just above the Red Sea, HOW do WE help such friends?
I went to their home, they needed a microwave and it. But really they need help in logging hours behind the wheel so "Jihrom" can stop commuting by bus to Fredricksburg to work in a car wash. Tirhas wants to work locally, McDonalds on 301, but they haven't called back. We ran up there to talk to them...."two weeks they tell me." How are these friends supposed to make here in the US w/o support. They have no car, no license, no computer to fill out job applications, they have to walk to the library...when have we ever had to jump such hoops to get a hourly job our 16 year old balk at taking, let alone a man and a woman. What is God asking of it really so hard to help others? Truthfully, it's easier to help at my time events, run the track, drop in to sort clothes, give money, but stay with these folks long term? Become friends? Really God? Is that what you want from me?
I really think it is...will I? I'd rather sit at the pool. I'd rather pretend "I'm so busy" living my own life. Taking care of my own children....going on vacation, making memories, cleaning my long overdue home.Please everyone in my family...what are we told to do in Gods word?
Love one another as Christ has loved me. OK God...I'm going to try.

Friends in Annapolis, I'm grateful, for your love, for your donations, for your stories, for your desire to get involved from afar. Lets continue to listen to God, and read His word and try to really ask..."Am I living His purpose for my life?"

Market Needs:
Preparing for fall: need all old backpacks, usable school supplies, & lunchboxes...when you buy yours think of our friends.
Mens' clothing esp summer shorts, polo shirts, short sleeve dress shirts,
used underwear & socks.
Anything else is a bonus!
Love to you all..I welcome your comments & concerns.
Faithfully His,