Thursday, June 11, 2009

Church Hill/Moving Up

Blessings realized when we took one week to gather items to fill a home for Ms. Robinson and her daughter Toni. She's moved out of a rented furnished apt, $625 to a unfurnished home in Churchill for $400 bucks! She's so proud of herself! And so she should be...we were lucky to be a part of the move...she called NM for the possibility of we Christians do...she was "referred" to way of sarcasm..."sure would be great to give her a housewarming..." sure would if "someone else would do it!"
Christians are frustrating. Why is it so hard to just do the work God calls us to do? Why is it so easy to pass the buck and refer it "to someone who can help you". What folks don't that they are missing out on the blessings God intended for them to have...but now it's mine. Sweet Thomas was able to meet Ms. Robinson, when he took his bunkbeds to her...that my friend was worth every dime of a year long Sunday SChool adventure!
It was an incredible day...Louise got everything she needed, refused the double bed and sofa..."give that to someone else who needs it...we have enough!"
Just keep trying! Trying to listen, be still, be patient and pray for Gods wisdom and guidance...when I really want to snap folks legs off!