Thursday, December 3, 2009

When you Plan too much

Well, when you try to control every detail and you leave out God's plan, in the end God will have His way. We can plan and manipulate and control and decide who can't come, but only His plans will be revealed.
NM decides this year to have a Thanks & Giving dinner for the FM, how swell....but you have to "register" to volunteer! What...I've never heard of such a thing. Long and short of it, folks plan to the inch, focused from the front row of the football stadium, but God sees the event from the blimp..He sees it all. From a birds eye view, He orchestrates it.
This year has been a great year for our family. We've learned a lot and have more to learn, but God has kept our focus clear, "Love My People" my people, my children, love them all. Get to know their names, meet their family, hug them, touch them....Don't get focused on His job, I just need to do my job. Love others. Boy do we get it all wrong when we try to control every detail.
In the end, good comes out of our mistakes, you plan for 400, 250 come, 40 homeless get to eat and they weren't even invited! He makes me chuckle.....I have to say I got a tiny bit of joy when "our plans" were foiled. Oops.

James The Electrician Update

James is the Man on the right. He has been living with us for 6 weeks now, waiting on government funds. He has gotten his first check, which will be enough for him to live off and no longer live in our home or on the streets. Now we will see what comes in the future, but I know God has taught us big lessons with having James live here, and to trust God in this situation, because it hasn't been easy. There have been many times where I've wondered.."are we doing the right thing?" Are we crazy? "Is he dooping us too?"
Well he got paid the day before Thanksgiving and he stayed for Thanksgiving, quietly, but he left the day after and has not been back(he still has our car. I expect him to call soon, I know he is so happy to be "somewhere" that he can afford. He used to stay in a hotel when he raised, collected enough money, now he's gone back to what he knows.
JT & I have purchased a home for him in the city, he will rent from us, a reasonable rent. One of the biggest problems we see in the city is there is not reasonable housing for our friends. If there is, the Landlords are cruddy, not caring about our friends, actually taking advantage of many. We have turned our ministry this direction. James will move in for one year and reevaluate after that year. Now this is all tentative, so I pray it works out, otherwise I pray God sends us another needy family to love on.
James has taught us big things. Biggest not to judge, really not to judge. I don't know why James is James. But who knows why I am Cassie. Why I'm over weight? Because of my behavior, which I find very difficult to change. Why our families drink and won't stop? Because when we are asking folks to change their behaviors to please us, it just doesn't work. God is teaching me to just love them as they are. And as easy as it is to love a stranger and not judge, I find it more difficult to love my family without judgement. So until I get it, He will keep sending me a "James" a "Dawn" a "Denise" A "Barbra"...until I too learn, He will only be the maker of change, not me or you. Only HIM.
When will I let go? I need Him more everyday to love me, so I can just love others just the way they are. Thanks to James...I am learning more and more each day. Of course it's God, but God through James.